How to create a Gambling app? Make your own Betting app !

Create your own gambling app. Get expert tutorials and guidebooks on casino gaming on our platform and create your own casino games. Our easy-to-use platform helps you to create your own casino games on your mobile device. Explore the features of our app to customize your games and launching them officially.


What Gsmprjct Offers

GSMprjct offers a quality gambling experience to users and also teaches them how to create their own applications using the tool. There are tons of features that one can incorporate into their application with a simple drag and drop interface.


Create your own in-game currency and rewards for players.

Security Certified

Get your application approved and secured with blockchain for max protection.

Non stop Gameplay

Play your favorite casino games without any interruption. Get the bugs fixed immediately.

24/7 Support

Stay connected all the time to learn about our tools and solve any app-related issues.

Manage everything in one place

Customize your gaming app based on your convenience and invite your friends to play over.

Gambling Apps


Special features

Explore our unique features that you can add to your game. Customize your game for your convenience and get creative.


Keep track of your consumer queries to improve UX.


Create unique casino games online with a simple tool.


Choose the right elements to build your games from scratch.


Choose creative templates and themes for your app.

Android And iOS

It supports all OS and major platforms, including desktops.

Good Performance

Improve the performance of your games with new updates.


GSMPrjct reviews

Here is what our users had to say about their experience in building casino games online.

It has been a completely different experience to build my own app before playing in it. It felt very new and entertaining that now I can help create and host my own games.

Maichael Jackson

Online gamer

It is a fun and interactive platform where the idea of making casino games is a complete hit. I love working with the rules and create different types of poker to play with my friends.

image (1)
Nichole Cage

App designer

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