A major archaeological museum built above Montreal’s birthplace

Our first job was to conduct feasibility studies to establish the parameters of the overall site. Original plans for the museum would have seen it include only part of the archaeological remains, but gsmprjct° urged the Pointe-à-Callière team to include the area now recognized to be the city’s actual birthplace. Later stages of the project involved the interior design of the administrative offices and restaurant, and the integration of archaeological artefacts in all public spaces—including the washrooms!

The result is a unique museum that rises above evidence of more than 1000 years of human activity, housing remarkable remains displayed in situ with absolute respect for their integrity. The star attraction of the museum is a large-scale theatrical multimedia show originally known as Tales of a City and now called Yours Truly, Montreal. From the planning of the theatre space amid the archaeological ruins to the creation of all audiovisual and mechanical effects and content, gsmprjct° has been responsible for the show for over twenty years. In 2010, gsmprjct° was awarded, in collaboration with Moment Factory and Sid Lee, the mandate of updating the multimedia show for a third time.

A major archaeological museum built above Montreal’s birthplace

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