Casinos and Card Counting
Card Counting

We still do not know whether the release of the books like 21 and the movies like blackjack 21 was a boon or a bane to the society. However, what we do know is that these mobiles have enlightened their viewers about the casino card counting rules and strategies. The procedure of card counting is frowned upon in most of the land-based casinos. However, the online casinos manage to stay away from things which involve cheating, mainly because they are generally unable to see the customers. Although it is not considered a sole illegal activity, it still is banned in a majority of the casinos across the world.

Their procedure and the act itself involves reading the card for the opponents and trying a mental solution to predicting their next move and the remaining cards in their hands. Since it is a sly act, people think they can get away with it, however, little did they know that the casino management has eyes in the air and can never fail the duty of preventing malicious activities.

How exactly do casinos figure out and identify these card counters? Read further to find out!

 Card Counting

The individual counter

Like noted earlier, card counting procedure is a sly practice that involves subsequent moves in the players or the opponents without their knowledge on the same. As easy as these sounds, it involves intense practice and dedication to master this art. Even though this method is not efficient to win a bonus or jackpots or the upper hand at the table, people still manage to gain the subsequent amount of money. The casino employees follow great tactics to catch hold of the card counters in a casino. Some of them are:

  • Forming a conversation with the dealers to divert your attention from the process, so that you lose your concentration
  • The introduction and installation of the AI-based instruments to detect the difference in concentration levels and the movement of eyes.
  • Timely shuffling of cards and increasing the wager after each card.
  • Shuffling the deck quicker so that the card counter does not get a hold of the movement of the cards.

Team card counters

The existence of so many popular card-counting massed movies have urged the gamblers to gamble in gangs, and by this we mean, follow the process of card counting, in groups. Although it looks easy on the silver screen, the methods are complicated to execute in reality, mostly where they signal to the other members of their team using their eyes. Like noted earlier, the casinos generally have their eyes in the air and often, these signs are scanned by the casino management and the security generals hence catching hold of team card counters is like a walk in a park to the casino securities.

Casinos and Card Counting
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