Basic Style Guide to Casinos

If you have ever come across a casino movie, then you might have seen the men in suits and the women in beautiful gowns with glove a tiara. However, those out of the box styles only work for movies because, in reality, nobody dresses like that every day. Thanks to the casino-based movies like the Casino Royale that has formed impressions on the non-casino goes about a specific type of dress code to follow, especially when they’re visiting the extravagant ambience for the very first time.

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If you’re one of them, then we are here to help you with a guide to style to the casinos, without being overly fashionable or underdressed. Stick till the end of the article if you wish to look your best on the big day.

The extravagant and dazzling casinos

These fall under the elite category of casinos and they are after the slogan “dress to impress”. If you’re someone who abides by the slogan, then you might as well put on the most expensive or the most elegant dress in your closet.

A game

If you’re someone who is visiting the casino for the very first time, for a game or two, then you can dress just nice. Not too overly fashioned or an understatement. You can choose something you can wear for your first date- like clean clothes, nothing top-notch, but still manage to catch the attention of the other.

After casino plans

Most of the times, people often have plans after playing a game or two in a casino, and this only applies to the beginners. This is because seasoned players generally do not worry about their “after party” until they win a considerable amount of money. So, if you’re one of those beginners who have plans after laying the casino games, then you ought to not dress well, something that goes with both the occasions and destinations.

For instance, if you’re visiting a restaurant in the same ambience as the casinos, then you can choose your first date appearance. However, if you’re visiting a fancy place after, you can dress fancy to the casino as well. Since most of the casinos are going basic day-by-day, considering the fact that nobody has the time or the money to go fancy every time they step into a casino, a majority of the land-based casinos are going for casuals as their dress code.

Important things to remember

Although most of the casinos do not follow strict dress code, some of them still have their rules jotted down.

  • No flip-flops and beach sandals again beach wear, no matter the geography
  • Sneakers can be permitted, as far it fits the casual style of the place and goes well with the outfit
  • No torn or faded clothes
  • Shorts and round neck t-shirts without collars is a no
Basic Style Guide to Casinos
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