With a history going back 50 years, gsmprjct° is today a collective of four integrated teams established as pioneers and major players in the field of exhibit design and production. The collective believes that each project is a collaborative process that leads to unique explorations and results. This philosophy has allowed gsmprjct° to create avant-garde environments that speak to visitors, crossing mediums and disciplines — from dance to theatre, architecture to business, the environment to communications, and the arts to the sciences.

Striving to provide better solutions to meet new and growing needs in the fields of design and visual communication, gsmprjct° has developed in-house multidisciplinary resources that give it the means to offer a range of comprehensive and holistic services — including research, design, technology development, and multimedia content creation, as well as project management, fabrication, maintenance, and operations facilities. In using this innovative approach to create great design classics around the world, the collective’s sensitivity to issues of cultural identity and its ability to deliver high-end projects while tapping into local resources have proven to be great assets.


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